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nlp.gifLicensed NLP Business Coach Programme

Dubai, UAE

In association with

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The Licensed NLP Business Coach Training is for:
  • HR Professionals
  • Business Coaches
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • NLP Professionals 

The Licensed NLP Business Coach Programme is delivered over four modules.

 Module 1 - Click link for details & course dates NLP Business Practitioner 


 Module 2 - Click link for details & course dates NLP Business Master Practitioner 

 Module 3 - NLP Business Coach 2015 dates coming soon

 Module 4 - Live assessment

2015 dates coming soon

To become a Licensed NLP Business Coach you are required to successfully complete all four modules.                                                               

If you already hold an NLP Certification you may be eligible to skip Module One or Two. Please contact Fiona Campbell at info@fiona-campbell.co.uk to discuss this.

Module 3 covers:

  • Helping clients clarify their goals 
  • Using a structured coaching process 
  • Skilfully using NLP language skills 
  • Creating a great learning ‘state’ for clients
  • Helping clients overcome limiting beliefs
  • Creating clarity for clients
  • Helping clients visualise and achieve BIG goals
  • Using language skillfully to develop others

You will take away from this training:

  • The knowledge to conduct effective coaching sessions
  • The experience of being coached
  • The tools to set Well Formed Goals
  • The skills to use the G.R.O.W. Model effectively 
  • Creative ways to use the Wheel of Life Model in business
  • The NLP Business Coaching structure
  • The skills to run your own coaching business

Module Four covers:

  • The NLP Business Coach conducting 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions with their own clients
  • Receiving written and verbal feedback form your clients
  • Assessment by Fiona Campbell on the use of your NLP skills in coaching to get quick results
  • Assessment on building rapport with your clients
  • Assessment on the using the GROW Model creatively
  • Assessment on using the Wheel of Life creatively 

The length of this programme is 235 hours consisting of class work, home study, on-line master classes, on-line videos, ebooks and one-year complimentary membership to the NLP for Business Membership Site.

  For more information or to book locally please contact 

Fiona Campbell on +971 56 983 0493



Uzair Hassan on +971 50 6228126


Your trainer, Fiona Campbell was one of the first NLP Business Coaching™ Trainers globally to be Licensed by the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming.



"I highly recommend Fiona Campbell. She delivers my NLP skills specifically for use in leadership development and enhancing communication skills in business. She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills I have developed, and was a member of my assisting team in London for over eight years. Fiona is Licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to deliver the NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach training programmes" 

Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)

“Since 2006 Fiona Campbell has been specializng in delivering the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™training programs specifically for leadership development and enhancing people's communication skills.  She consistently measures the impact of integrating NLP skills into the workplace to improve efficiency and productivity.  Fiona was one of the first NLP trainers globally we licensed to deliver the NLP Business Coach training program.  I highly recommend the work that she does “ John La Valle, (President of the Society of NLP)

What our clients have said ...

During this course I learned the importance of perceptual perceptions, language of influence and persuasion and how we delete, distort and generalise information.  An absolutely life long experience

Karen Stilgoe, Business Manager  Jenrick Recruitment - Food & Drink Division