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7 Day NLP Business Practitioner Training   

Completion of this training counts towards  

Licensed NLP Business Coaching Training

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        • Become a communication expert
        • Develop your own flexible leadership style
        • Get you message across to others easily
        • Learn to really understand what your customers want
        • Attend workshops where you will develop your own business 
        • Learn the tools to create your business roadmap
        • Create your own strategy for success
        • Motivate others with ease
        • Develop the mindset of the world's top successful people


Clear communication skills and the ability to change quickly are essential for people to succeed in business today.  Learn how to communicate expertly, motivate others easily, develop and lead others to be the best they can be and reduce wasted time and costs. 

This course is intensive and interactive if you are not willing to experience amazing change, then it is not for you.  Fiona demonstrates, you experience and then you learn how to repeat the techniques with others.

Fiona Campbell is an Internationally Licensed Trainer for the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming and Dr Richard Bandler (the co-fonder of NLP).  She has over 30 years business experience working in international organisations and has helped hundreds of business people achieve business success.  Fiona was a member of the team assisting Dr Bandler on his NLP training courses in London for over eight years. 

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Course Content 


Day 1

Expectations of the course

Perceptual perceptions

Inside and outside world

Action plan to integrate learning from the course into the workplace

How the brain processes information

Introduction to the different learning styles

Creating resourceful learning states

How NLP has evolved as an effective business tool

How behaviour is created – The T-F-A=R Model

Building rapport for effective business communication

Representational Systems and how to match language for clarity of communication


Day 2

Leading through confidence

Communication model verbal, non-verbal and tonality

Eye accessing cues


Non-verbal rapport building

Developing superb productive working relationships

Use of anchors in the workplace


Day 3

The Meta Model

How to retrieve the complete message

Enhanced questioning and listening skills

Structure more effective meetings

Effective meeting strategies 


Day 4

Milton Model

Language of influence and persuasion

Utilising non verbal communication

Presentation skills

Developing your dynamic leadership style

Power stories

Developing the resources of others

Team building 


Day 5

Meta Programmes

Motivating language skills

Developing a flexible workforce

Coaching skills

Modelling success

Recruitment, profiling and interview skills

Day 6

Neurological Levels

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Time-lining project management

Identifying and using success strategies 

Effective planning

Conversational change


Day 7

Student evaluation through practical assessments demonstrating the use of the skills learned.

Action plans and progress dates arranged to monitor integration of learning into the workplace.


On successful completion of this course students will receive an NLP Business Practitioner License from the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming personally signed by Dr Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP)



9 Day NLP Business Master Practitioner Training

Completion of this training counts towards  

Licensed NLP Business Coaching Training

NLP Manual Cover Photo.jpg 

        • Communicate wonderfully with everyone
        • Develop you own NLP techniques
        • Use your NLP skills automatically
        • Know exactly what your customers want
        • Develop your own business plan
        • Use creative coaching tools to improve performance
        • Create your business roadmap
        • Create your own strategies for success
        • Motivate others with ease
        • Develop the mindset of the worlds top successful people

As an NLP Business Practitioner/Practitioner, you already know how to do the following:


        • Change or eliminate inappropriate or undesirable behaviours
        • Recognise and challenge language patterns
        • Improve communication skills with others
        • Resolve internal conflicts
        • Use altered stated to create behaviour change
        • Create and break rapport
        • Identify goals and create clear strategies to achieve them
        • Access and recognise altered states of consciousness
        • Understand nonverbal cues
        • Induce resourceful states in others verbally and nonverbally
        • Change limiting beliefs
        • Create motivational states of excellence
        • Use timelines to create compelling futures

Now its time to take your skills to the next level!


Master your Business Practitioner/Practitioner level skills!


This training teachs you how to create your own techniques.


Learn how to develop the flexibility to work with anything that people present to you.


How useful will it be to have the skills and confidence to be able to handle just about anything that comes your way?


Now you will learn to:

        • Use the appropriate language patterns to make changes easily
        • Elicit and install success strategies
        • Effortlessly elicit desired and present states
        • Transfer resourceful states to others
        • Track and match Meta Programs to motivate others
        • Use time and space language to achieve action
        • Create conversational change
        • Use timelines with elegance and ease
        • Hear the presuppositions used in language to create change easily
        • Create compelling futures for others using future pacing
        • Track and streamline strategies
        • Discover how easy it is to use NLP skills with even more elegance and precision

This training is not for everyone as you ask yourself how it will be experiencing new ideas, new approaches and new strategies to quickly be amazed at how good you can feel learning new things that let you see things in a new way.


We deliver these training courses in the UAE and India

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What our clients have said ...

"I highly recommend Fiona Campbell.  She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills I have developed and is licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming" - Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)