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It’s ok to stop and do nothing

3 March 2011


Very often in this world where so many people are talking about what they want to achieve and are busy setting goals we can forget that it is all right to stop and do nothing.

If you are having difficulty making a decision about something maybe the best thing to do is not make that a conscious decision at this time. 

We don’t always have to be charging ahead and filling our minds with constant busy thoughts. Some of the best decisions people make is when they make space in their mind to allow lots of choices to develop. 

It can be magical as you wait for all the choices to appear, in fact often you may get choices that you would never have thought about had you rushed your natural creative process. 

So if you are struggling to make a decision, say to yourself “I will pass this over to the creative part of my mind for it to come up with the perfect solution in the perfect time” then just let that thought go. 

You will know when the right decision jumps into your mind. While that is all going on at the automatic level of your mind you can breathe, chill and tell yourself “Life is good”

Feel free to let me know how this works for you

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