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Finding your Leaders

9 April 2011


There is one thing that every True Leader has in common and that is that they have made a personal commitment to lead. 

This choice comes from an internal thought and is affected by that person’s beliefs and values. Their choice will have been made in various ways. Sometimes people become leaders because they have the vision of how projects can be completed, they know the steps to take to get things done. 

For others they make a reluctant choice to lead because they need to move away from the present situation as it is not achieving the desired outcome and no one else is stepping up to the job. 

They may not know what steps to take however anything is better than what is presently happening. 

As people gain knowledge, skills and experience they become confident in their ability to become a leader and may make the choice to lead based on what they already know.

Whatever way the choice to lead is made that person will have always had a thought that says, “I can do this, it can be done” It is important to understand that not everyone wants to be a leader, even when they demonstrate the qualities of a True Leader. 

We are group animals and naturally look for someone to take the lead. Anyone who has been in a meeting and asks for volunteers to take charge of a project or lead an initiative will have experienced what I call the ‘invisible cloak’ syndrome.

 People start looking at the floor or stare at the wall as if by doing they become invisible and will not be chosen if no-one volunteers. The last thing they want is to stand up and be visible.

However we all different and not everyone responds in that way. The quickest way to find your new True Leaders is when you are with a team who are moaning about how a project is going, ask (as one of your questions)  “Who wants to take over leading this project?” 

The person or people who rise to the challenge may not be perfect for that specific project however with professional development they could become your best leaders for the future.

Who are your leaders?

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