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See it, live it

26 February 2011

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When you think about something you want to achieve do you see yourself doing this in action. 

What I mean by this is do you imagine yourself in the situation as if it is actually happening seeing things through your eyes, hearing and feeling the events as if they are real? 

Is there a sense of movement, a sense of excitement and a buzz about living in that way that you can really feel in your body?

Our mind does not understand the difference between something that is imagined and something that is real. 

Choose an event that you have experienced in your life when you felt wonderful. Not that one an even better one. Close your eyes and really go back and experience that time as if you are there.

Notice how your body feels, what you can see and hear. Think about it our language describes how we do this as we say things like “I was transported back in time” “I remember this as if it was yesterday” “I just have to think about it and it is if I am there.”

When we have this wonderful creative ability why is it that so many of us when we are thinking about the goals we want to achieve disassociate from the experience. We list the things we want as if it happening to someone else. 

We imagine all these wonderful things that are going to happen and forget to add ourselves into the experience. We become very matter of fact and remove all the feelings of determination and satisfaction that we will experience getting there. It is no wonder that people give up at the first hurdle. 

When you immerse yourself in the total experience of where you want to be something magical happens. A momentum gathers that propels you and you start to notice opportunities that will take you in the direction you have set.

So today take time to really think about what you want and how it will be both when you have achieved this and all the steps to get there. Make the experience rich with sounds, colours, movement and feelings.

 Happy traveling!

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