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Choose wisely the questions you ask yourself

3 March 2011


Have you ever wondered how we answer the questions that we ask yourself in our own head? 

Our brain is a very precise machine and is compelled to give you an answer to whatever you ask. 

Try it out: Ask yourself why you are rubbish at doing ………….? (You fill in the blanks) Listen to the answer that you get back in your head. 

Now think of the same thing and this time ask yourself how you can do ……… better?

What answer do you get this time? Cool isn’t it 

So next time you have something that you are struggling with make sure you ask yourself the right question that will give you the solution to get you back in the flow. 

Enjoy taking control of your thinking

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Her understanding of human communication is outstanding and she has an exquisite ability help others learn with her highly experiential style of delivery. 

For leadership and business communication she is an absolute star.” 

November 22, 2012

1st Mo HarfordManaging Director, Momentum Training and Development Ltd